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    LeadershipGenius is the state of a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and dedication, to a degree that is associated with the achievement of higher levels of knowledge or influence of others toward a common goal or purpose.

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    LeadershipGeinus is a contemporary approach to learning and development within your small business, start up, or growing organization.

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    LeadershipGenius is a personal learning experience at your fingertips. Engage in real learning, through real work, in real time, by developing your organization’s core leadership competencies through an integrated skill building, and proven behavioral science curriculum.

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Leaders are able to systematically develop and cascade a goal setting process throughout the organization. Beginning with Role clarity around Key Strategy & Responsibility Areas, the goal setting process moves individuals into performance oriented goal and daily task accountability plans that are built into the performance planning and review process for employees and teams.



Leaders are encouraged to build upon their Goal Setting skills by delivering effective feedback on critical goals and tasks as it relates to daily performance challenges, while establishing an effective and productive performance review process.



Leaders are challenged to integrate their Listening skills as they manage individual and team goals, tasks, or projects, into their Feedback and Problem Solving skill sets to improve overall performance at every level of the organization.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Leaders are encouraged to integrate their Goal Setting and Feedback skills into an effective and proven Problem Solving process that helps individuals and teams throughout every level of the organization resolve critical challenges to goals and daily tasks or projects.

Tracy Ingram

Director of Learning and Development / Supermarket Food Stores

LeadershipGenius doesn’t force you to learn big concepts, but deepens your skills based on concepts you’ve already learned in the past. It is a great leadership sustainability investment!

Miles Richards

Regional Director / Wireless Retail Company

We don’t always have a chance to test a new employees interpersonal business skills, but through the LeadershipGenius content, we were able to offer an integrated curriculum that went way beyond leadership skills, but helped our new employees develop a professional attitude that helps serve the customers that walk through the doors of our stores more effectively.

Dawn Kimberly

HR Director / Wholesale Food Company

LeadershipGenius has helped our organization create an effective Performance Management process. Their curriculum helped us in the Performance Planning phase, helping us to set up clear outcomes and better dialogue between managers and direct reports.

Dean Rycroft

Plant Supervisor / Automotive Manufacturing Company

The LeadershipGenius Goal Setting course made my job as an executive manager so much easier by establishing a clear process and system for creating effective goals in collaboration with the people I lead.